About Colin Flood

Perth Rock n Roll Vocalist, Drummer and Entertainer!

About Colin

Musical Background

Colin started playing drums at sixteen years of age. He developed a keen interest in music from that point on had a strong desire to perform. His talent for music extended into vocals and it was not long before a start up band was formed. In addition, he sang as base and baritone in choirs. Gaining momentum Colin formed Rock n Roll Express a four piece group that performed 60, 70 and 80's covers, and appeared in blues bands across Perth. Another popular facet of his musical ability is  impersonations of Elvis and tributes to other top ten artists of 60, 70, and 80's rock and roll. 


Today, Colin Flood works as a live entertainer performing rock and roll covers, country rock, and impersonations either as a solo artist or with accompanying musicians. At weddings, party, social functions, events, and pub gigs he is the consummate live performer.  

Notable Performances

Colin has entertained audiences at small private functions to 5000 spectators. Some notable performances have been at:

  • Melville Shire Concert
  • Live at Hilary's Boat Harbour
  • Joondalup Police Concert