Performing popular Rock n Roll covers of the 60, 70 and 80's rock and roll era

A selection of music spanning the golden era of rock and roll that includes all of the rock icons of this time. Enjoy a night of listening to your favourite artist with the sensational harmonies of Colin Flood. Dance the night away and get ready to be rocked!

Elvis Presley

Neil Diamond

Frank Sinatra

Dean Martin

Buddy Holly

Van Morrison

Eric Clapton

Neil Sadaka

Roy Orbison


Credence Clearwater Revival

Everly Brothers


Rolling Stones

Billy Haley

James Taylor

Johnny O'Keefe

The Drifters

Elton John

Fats Domino

Gene Pitney

Jerry Lee Lewis

Johnny Rivers

Little Richard

Otis Redding

Paul Anka

Ricky Nelson

Tom Jones

Don Gibson

The Animals

Bee Gees

Bobby Darin

Carl Perkins

Chuck Berry

Can't find one of your favourites above? No problem! Just ask and a collection can be tailored to suit an event or preference.